About the company

We are the specialists in the paintless dent removal


Our greatest advantage is experience and long-acquired knowledge, which -combined with the skills- resulted in the highest level of rendered services.

Specialist equipment

We are proud of the first-class equipment we own and which allows us to guarantee, among others, the precision and thoroughness, which have impact on the final result.

Precision and thoroughness

The equipment itself shall never provide such a wonderful final result without reliable performance of the person with the passion for professionalism in work.

We are the team of experts specializing in Paintless Dent Removal (EN abbrev. – PDR). The person working with this method is required to have specialist equipment, extensive experience, sense of refinement, high work culture, as well as endurance, precision at work and precision in manual skills. (Invasive) repairs is based on “massaging” the metal sheet from the inside in order to restore its original condition or using gluing techniques (non-invasive method), with specialist equipment and glue with high degree of cohesion and adhesion. Both techniques leave no traces of repairs and are totally safe for the vehicle. There is no interference of the burner.

Dents, without damage to the surface of bodywork paint, can be restored to the original condition without the interference of the body repairman or car painter, for the fraction of prize which would be paid for traditional bodywork repair (in some instance the savings are as high as seventy percent). In summer-autumn period with high frequency of hails in Germany or Switzerland, this technology allows car owners or insurers to save costs for the repair of expensive cars in the amount of even several thousands Euro, and the repairs in some cases can be performed on the spot, while still looking at the vehicle.